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Your probably wondering why this section is called Know Nuclear. Since World War II the term “No Nuclear” has been used to stop the production and development of nuclear weapons – understandably. The term has since been used by groups to try to stop the usage of nuclear power as a source of electricity. Because of fear of nuclear war, nuclear power, and nuclear waste, the public at large is frightened of anything related to nuclear. We would like you to get to KNOW nuclear, before you say NO to nuclear.

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Nuclear  Science


Nuclear science gives us a simple explanation of the natural world. The ultimate goal of nuclear science is to find out if there is one fundamental rule that explains how matter and forces interact. This section is a brief introduction to nuclear science and how it plays a vital role in the lives of people…and the world.

Nuclear  Technology


Nuclear technology involves the reactions of atomic nuclei. Among the notable nuclear technologies are nuclear power, nuclear medicine, and nuclear weapons. This section explains the various types of technologies that have been developed using nuclear science and where they are going.

Nuclear  Applications


Nuclear technology has found many applications from smoke detectors to nuclear reactors, and from food preservation on earth to space exploration. This section highlights the current applications of nuclear science and technology.

Nuclear  Issues (Challenges)


Nuclear science and technology faces many challenges, from public education and acceptance, to regulation and funding. This section sheds lights on the current challenges and obstacles the nuclear field faces.

Know Nuclear

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