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The American Nuclear Society (ANS) introduced a Nuclear in the States Toolkit on February 8, 2016, that outlines policies related to new and existing nuclear reactors for state policymakers to consider as they draft their Clean Power Plan compliance strategies. The 40-page toolkit was developed by a Special Committee on Nuclear in the States assembled by ANS to gather and categorize the myriad nuclear energy options available to state-level administrators. In April 2016, the Committee produced an updated version of the toolkit that contained policy and state updates that occurred since the original launch date.

In creating the guide, the committee focused on states’ different sets of circumstances regarding nuclear power, noting that state policymakers will need to determine which energy methods are the best fit for their policy, environmental, energy, and economic goals.

Among the subjects covered in the toolkit are electricity capacity markets, governmental support, public hearings, and tax policies. At a glance, policymakers will be able to identify the tool or action, whether it can occur at the state or federal level, and if authorization for that tool already exists.

The kit is intended to prompt discussion about and support for new and existing nuclear power in state clean-energy plans. For more information about the toolkit, please contact nucleartoolkit@ans.org


Audio Recording (February 8, 2016): ANS Special Committee for Nuclear in the States members introduce the kit and answer media questions.


ANS Special Committee Report: Impact from Power Plant Closings


ANS Special Committee on Nuclear in the States Media Briefing – 4/19/2016 (Audio) 

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