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Nuclear Fundamentals Series

The Nuclear Technology Fundamentals Program provides congressional staff a basic overview of nuclear science and technology and its applications in energy, medicine and industry. The program is for staff only and is taught by a faculty of experts chosen for their subject matter expertise and their ability to communicate complex concepts to a bright, yet non-technical audience. Participants who attend every session of the series will receive an official certificate of completion from the American Nuclear Society.

Session 1: The Basics of Radiation and Radioactivity

Session 2: How Nuclear Reactors Work with a brief update on Fukushima

Session 3: Introduction to the Nuclear Fuel Cycle

Session 4: Beginner’s Guide to Nuclear Non-Proliferation

Session 5: Nuclear Technology in Medicine and the Latest in Reactor Design

These sessions are exclusively for elected officials and their staff. For more information on this program, contact the Center’s director.

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