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Nuclear Energy

With electricity consumption constantly rising, more countries around the world are viewing nuclear energy as a viable option for reducing the number of fossil fuel-burning electrical plants, which emit large amounts of the greenhouse gas, carbon dioxide. Nuclear energy is seen as a valuable, clean and efficient alternative to pollution-producing sources of energy relied on heavily today. Nuclear energy also powers satellites and ships, and provides electrical needs for some space laboratories.Outage SL2-19 January 13 photos 032

 Sample Career Choices in Nuclear Energy

Is the nuclear industry right for you? Learn more about it from NEI – Careers in the Nuclear Industry

For Students

    Know Nukes

    The word “Science” is derivative of the Latin word “Scientia” which means knowledge. Science is probably the most important and helpful subject of study for human race. There have been many famous scientists and discoverers in nuclear history. Here is a brief history of those who have paved the way.

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    Know Nuclear

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