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Writing about nuclear? Your story might focus on energy, medicine, manufacturing, space exploration, or security. This complex science can be a challenge to write about. The Center can provide resources that help you to create accurate and interesting stories.

As the Center’s media resource library grows, you will find plenty of material to help you craft new stories. The Know Nuclear section offers the fundamentals on the various aspects of nuclear science and technology. The Nuclear Exchange© webinar series is specifically designed for journalists, to offer information about nuclear while networking with fellow journalists. If you need something immediately, contact the Center. [link to]

Watch the Hofstra University Nuclear Debate from November 20, 2014.  Paul Wilson, PhD, from University of Wisconsin-Madison, represented the American Nuclear Society’s position.  There is still time to leave your pronuclear comment on the website page below the video.

In addition to the American Nuclear Society, there are a number of organizations that can offer additional assistance.

Health Physics Society – a professional society for scientists who specialize in radiation safety.

Nuclear Regulatory Commission – the governmental agency that provides regulatory oversight to the nuclear industry, including power reactors, medical devices, radiation equipment and more.

Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging – a professional society for physicians and other allied health professionals who specialize in the provision of nuclear technologies and therapies as medical tests and treatments.

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