Thank you to those who have helped to fund the Center




Corporate Giving

Founder’s Circle- $500,000
Entergy Nuclear
First Energy Nuclear Operating Company
Southern Nuclear Operating Company

Ambassador’s Circle – $250,000
Dominion Generation
Duke Energy
Westinghouse Electric Company

Rutherford Giving Society -  $5,000
Edison International Corporate Giving






The following donor list recognizes those who have pledged or gave to the Center since July 1, 2012.

President’s Giving Circle – $5,000
Mr. Donald R.  Hoffman

Ambassadors – $2,500 – $4,999
Dr. Michaele C. Brady Raap

Leaders – $1,000 – $2,499
Dr. Michael L. Corradini
Fauske & Associates, LLC
Dr. W. Reed Johnson
Greg Kuperberg & Rena Zieve
E. Jim Reinsch
Mr. and Mrs. Henry E. Stone
Bonne Posma (Saminco, Inc.)
Dr. Charles Norman Wilson (bequest)

Friends of Nuclear — $750- $999
Idaho National Laboratory
PPL Susquehanna, LLC
Ameren UE
Mingguang Zheng
Pacific Gas and Electric Co

Friends of Nuclear — $500- $749
Bonnifer Ballard
Joe Colvin
Robert C. Fine
Eugene Grecheck
Kernkraftwerk Leibstadt AG
Mistler Family Foundation / Mr. Thomas E. Mistler
Kenneth Petersen
Rachel N. Slaybaugh

Friends of Nuclear — $250- $499
American Electric Power
Rita Bowser
Fuel Cycle and Waste Management Division (of ANS)
Luisa Hansen
Nuclear Energy Institute
Los Alamos National Laboratory
John Palms
Axpo AG / Nuclear Energy / Beznau Nuclear Power Plant

Friends of Nuclear — $100- $249
Alaron Corporation Nuclear Services
Boron Products LLC, a Ceradyne Co.
Craig Barbehenn
Jay Bilyeu
Antoinette Bishop
John Boska
Barry Butterfield
Edward Butteriss
Clayton Condit
Tracy and Kevin Coyle
Thomas D. Curtis
Ms. Candace C. Davison
Dr. Harold L. Dodds
Dr. Mary Lou Dunzik Gougar
Martin L. Grossbeck
Indiana Michigan Power Corp.
Robert Johannesen
Joseph A. Koblich
John Kotek
Eric Loewen
Ralph Lumb
Alain Michel
PaR Systems, Inc.
Mr. Mark W. Peres P.E.
Robert Pierson
Boron Products LLC, a Ceradyne Co.
Kenneth Rogers
Ronald L. Rowley
Dr. Stephen P. Schultz, P.E.
Dr. Bal-Raj Sehgal
Howard Sklar
Weston Stacey
Don Steiner
Roger Tilbrook
Dr. Neil E. Todreas
Richard Walker
Eugene Weinstock
Rolf Westgard
Mr. William A.(Art) Wharton, III

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