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and understanding of how nuclear science and technology
impacts and improves the quality of life.


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Founder’s Circle- $500,000
First Energy Nuclear Operating Company
Southern Nuclear Operating Company

Ambassador’s Circle – $250,000
Dominion Generation
Duke Energy
Westinghouse Electric Company

Einstein Giving Society - $50,000
URENCO Limited / on behalf of World Nuclear Fuel Market 2014 participants

Roentgen Giving Society – $10,000
Potomac Communications Group




President’s Giving Circle – $5,000
Mr. Donald R.  Hoffman
Dr. John Landis (bequest)
Dr. Toshio Morita

Ambassadors – $2,500 – $4,999
Dr. Michaele C. Brady Raap

Leaders – $1,000 – $2,499
Mr. Farid M Berry
Joan and Tom Mistler / Mistler Family Foundation
Ms. Claudia G. Stetler /Stetler and Associates

Friends of Nuclear — $100- $999
Ms. Georgia D. Barri / G. D. Barri & Associates, Inc.
Dr. Andrew Barritt / Kernkraftwerk Leibstadt AG
Mr. Ievgenii Bakhmach, P.E. / Radiy Research & Production Corp
Prof. Eugene F. Brown P.E.
Prof. Edmundo Del Valle Gallegos
Mr. William C. Eason
Dr. Vincent J. Esposito
Dr. Larry R. Foulke
Dr. Martin L. Grossbeck
Mr. Del Valle Luis Jose
Dr. Mohammad Kalimullah
Mr. Sang-su Kim / Korea Atomic Indus Forum, Inc.
Mr. Glen I. Litzenberger
Dr. Peter B. Lyons
Mr. Alex Marion / Nuclear Energy Institute
Mr. and Mrs. John R. McGaha, Jr.
Ms. Kim Miller / Exelon Generation Co., LLC
Mr. Timothy S. Rausch / PPL Susquehanna, LLC
Mr. Ronald E. Reder
Mr. Michael W. Rencheck / AREVA Inc
Dr. Albert B Reynolds
Dr. Roger Sit
Dr. Rachel N. Slaybaugh
Dr. Finis Southworth
Mr. Jorge Spitalnik
Dr. Rebecca Steinman P.E.
Dr. Xiaodong Sun
Mr. Steve Swilley EPRI
Mr. William Arthur Wharton III
Mr. Larry Weber / Indiana Michigan Power Corp.
Mr. Lawrence J. Weber / American Electric Power
Mr. Garry G. Young

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