The Center for Nuclear Science and Technology Information

is an outreach initiative of the American Nuclear Society (ANS). The Center was created to foster interest in and to increase understanding about nuclear science and technology.

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What We Do

The Center conducts various educational events like workshops for teachers, seminars for congressional staff, and webinars for journalists. The Center produces an e-newsletter, ReActions, for educators interested in staying current with nuclear science and nuclear technology and how to include it into their lesson plans. We offer teaching materials for educators, activities for students and access to nuclear experts.

Who Funds Us

With financial support from companies and individuals both inside and outside the nuclear field, the Center is able to provide reliable and trustworthy information to those seeking to better understand the atomic nucleus and how the power of the atom can be harnessed to improve quality of life.

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For more ways to contribute, please visit support.ans.org/cnsti

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